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What are Citation Flow and Trust Flow

What are Citation Flow and Trust Flow

Citation Flow(CF)

CF is designed to assess the popularity of a link through determining the number of backlinks related to it without considering the quality of these links. If your writing has a lot of backlink from various domains, your CF will increase.

However quantity is not everything, we need to understand the definition” popularity” which is mentioned above. If the TF increases, CF will increase too. Apart from assessing the quantity of backlink, CF is also affected by the quality of it.

Therefore, what does it mean? If a webpage has high CF but low TF? You can imagine that the article on the web is not very of good quality and spams backlink. Because it is shared too much backlink which none of those are good enough to make TF index increase.

Trust Flow(TF)

It is used to assess the reliability of the link by measuring the quality of the backlink to your web. As you can see that TF of a web is always lower than CF, why is that?

If your web page has tons of backlink which not all of those having good quality and no matter how carefully and strictly you control it, you are not able to ensure all the backlinks are 100 % in high quality. Consequently, TF is always lower than CF and the important thing is that how much is the gap between them?

If a webpage has the high TF that means the content of it has better quality. Obviously, with the high quality of backlinks, the Ranking Google will be faster and easier than ever before.

How much TF and CF would be good?

If a web page has TF at 20 and CF at 40, the ratio of it is 1:2. The maximum proportion can reach 0.9 in the case of Google.

As a result, you have to always pay attention to those metrics and keep them be at the ratio which is bigger than 0.5 in order to ensure better Google Ranking. You can test ratio of TF to Cf through Majestic SEO

7 Ways to effectively increase TF and CF

1- Focus on the quality of backlinks rather than the quantity of those, remember that CF still increases when you have less backlink but it is of good quality.

2- 1000 backlinks are not as good as one high-quality backlink.

3- Guest Hosting is the best way to gain high quality of backlink. Therefore, do not waste money to buy tool spam, save that amount of money to post the advertisement on a prestigious blog and article. However, if you possess a fledgling web page, do not spend your available money to buy it at a large amount. Develop your web page gradually and sustainably.

4- Start to build the link from blog and website which have the similar topic because it will help you to gain higher TF, CF and other metrics than from the website having a different topic.

5- Structure of the website is also a factor to increase TF and CF. Use internal linking in order to intensify the connection between the articles and strengthen site structure.

6- Backlinks from .Gov and .Edu sites still have higher values.

7- No-follow links are counted for CF, and are not counted for TF. Anyway, you need to diversify the topic in order to make the web look more natural.

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