7 CSS Carousels

Looking for a simple carousel which builds with pure CSS? awesome we have curated a list of 9 pure CSS carousels. CSS Vertical Carousel See the Pen CSS vertical carousel animation by Aija (@aija) on CodePen. A responsive Infinitely rotating vertical carousel animation. used CSS only. Infinite Autoplay Carousel See the Pen [CSS] Infinite autoplay […]

The CSS calc() function

CSS calc function lets you calculated the values inside your CSS. So you can change the values of the size of the elements dynamically. So no more media queries with fixed values. Check out the following code, No matter what size the screen is the div will be always vertically aligned to the centre. Feel […]

6 Pure CSS Sliding/Off-screen Menus

Looking for a Sliding or Off-screen code snippet that made with pure CSS and HTML? Awesome we’ve got your back here. We have rounded up 6 awesome sliding menus, which are purely built with CSS effects. Some use checkboxes, Hover effect and :focus-within pseudo-class. Check them out and make your pick. You may also like: 17 […]

5 Simple & Vanilla JS Countdown Timers

In this roundup, we have collected 5 awesome countdown timers which are built with pure JS and CSS. None of these timers are using jquery or any other 3rd party plugins. Built with minimal use of code and easy to make your own customizations. You may also like: 10+ Vanilla Javascript & CSS Calendar Code Snippets […]

7 CSS Movie Cards

Looking for Movie card code snippets for your next project or looking for inspiration? Awesome! We got your back. In this post, we’re going to share a Collection of free HTML and CSS movie card code examples with you. You may also like: 15 Awesome CSS Blog Cards Movie Card Code & Demo Movi card with […]

11 CSS Card Hover Effects

Collection of free HTML and CSS card hover effect code examples for your inspiration. House of Cards Code & Demo Playing around with cool CSS features like Custom Properties, Filters, Clipping and … Includes 15 styles of hover Effects. Product Card Code & Demo On hover, it slides up the Product options and overlay the product […]

11 CSS Hexagons

Creating a Hexagon shaped button or image gallery? Awesome! Then these CSS hexagon code example/snippets can help you out get started with it or you can get inspired. Check out our hand-picked collection of CSS Hexagon and don’t forget to share. Hexagonal Button Code & demo Icon with the hexagonal button. Pure CSS hexagon Code & demo Pure CSS Hexagon […]

Unsubscribe Emoji Animation

Code & demo An interactive unsubscription confirmation page with animated emojis. When you hover over “Unsubscribe” or “Cancel” buttons it changes the moods of the emoji. Created with pure CSS and HTML no use of JS or jQuery. You may also like: Bootstrap 4 Login Form Template

14 Free HTML Resume Templates

Looking for a free HTML resume template? Awesome! We have handpicked the best available free HTML resume templates for you. So you don’t have to waste your time for searching them and picking the best template, as we already did it in this post. Heres our collection of the best resume templates. Hope this with help […]

14 CSS Submit Buttons

Submit buttons are very important in forms but most forms submit buttons are just simple buttons, no more than simple hover effects. So in this post, you can see a creative set of buttons which are very interactive. When a user clicks on the submit button, the button will make animations, which are really cool. You […]

Minimal HTML & CSS Resume Template freebie

Demo   Download This awesome resume freebie was designed by Nicolas Meuzard. Focusing on achievements, and skills. You can check his dribble shot to download the design file of this resume, and don’t forget to like the shot. We have converted this minimal resume template into responsive HTML & CSS template using “Lato” as the base font. […]