Unsubscribe Emoji Animation

Code & demo An interactive unsubscription confirmation page with animated emojis. When you hover over “Unsubscribe” or “Cancel” buttons it changes the moods of the emoji. Created with pure CSS and HTML no use of JS or jQuery. You may also like: Bootstrap 4 Login Form Template

10 Creative Anime.js Examples

Anime.js is a lightweight javascript animation engine which supports all modern browsers. With a couple of Anime.js code and help of CSS or SVG, you can create beautiful animations. In this post, we have collected a list of creative and smooth Anime.js examples like buttons, forms, scaling elements, and SVG animations. You may also like: Best CSS Animation Libraries Elastic […]

40+ Creative CSS Loaders

These days pre-loaders are mostly used on single page website and content heavy sites. Loaders used on the screen while the rest of the page’s content is still loading, It let visitors know that the website was not crashed and content is still loading. Today, we have collected a list of well designed and creative […]

Best CSS Animation Libraries

Nowadays most web designers as well as web users like websites to be animated and more interactive. Also, sites with animations tend to be more interactive. But making CSS Animations would take some time with could cause a lot of headaches, So here are some awesome CSS animation libraries to jumpstart your creativity. All these libraries […]

20+ Cool CSS Clock Code Snippets

Time is everything! In this post, we have collected awesome sets of CSS clocks including Analog and Digital clocks. Feel free to use code snippets for your work or to have fun. Don’t forget to share this with your friends who code. You may also like: 15+ Awesome CSS Timelines Analog-Digital Clock Code Snippet CSS Variable-Powered Clock […]