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16 Pure CSS checkbox

You can easily create checkbox by adding the type of input element to “checkbox”, but the customizing checkbox is using just CSS is a pain. If you stick with the default options, they look different on different browsers, and they won’t look that great.

So in this article, we have collected 16 awesome pure CSS checkbox designs created just using pure CSS.

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Animated Pure CSS Checkbox

Animated Pure CSS CheckboxCode & demo

Pure CSS checkbox adds and removes check icon with smooth animation.

Responsive Emoji Toggles

Responsive Emoji TogglesCode & demo

This shows how the CSS checkbox hack can be used to create responsive emoji toggles.

Simple custom CSS

Simple custom CSS Code & demo

Simple custom CSS checkboxes using Font Awesome.

Clean CSS Checkbox

Clean CSS CheckboxCode & demo

Simple and clean toggle button inspired from iOS switch.

Custom Round Checkbox

Custom Round CheckboxCode & demo

Checkboxes are square, and radio buttons are round but for whatever reason, you want to show round checkbox you can use this.

Pure CSS Checkbox

Pure CSS CheckboxCode & demo

Quick CSS checkbox styles

Quick CSS checkbox stylesCode & demo

CSS checkbox switches with 3 different active styles with smooth animations.

Checkbox Views

 checkbox ViewsCode & demo

Simple toggle button to show and hide elements, without using javascript.

CSS Checkbox Inspiration

CSS Checkbox InspirationCode & demo

Simple checkbox collection includes 6 styles of designs.

CSS Checkbox Toggle Switch

CSS Checkbox Toggle SwitchCode & demo

Use CSS to style checkbox element to looks like a toggle switch.

Custom CSS Checkbox

Custom CSS CheckboxCode & demo

CSS Checkbox Progress Button

CSS Checkbox Progress ButtonCode & demo

When you click on the checkbox, it takes few seconds to progress and make the button active.

Pure CSS Checkbox

Pure CSS CheckboxCode & demo

A checkbox with a single button. On click, it changes the color and adds an icon to it.

CSS Checkbox: Switch

CSS Checkbox: SwitchCode & demo

Large checkbox icon with font awesome icons.

Full CSS checkbox

Full CSS checkboxCode & demo

SVG background on background with CSS transitions. No use of JS.

CSS Checkbox

CSS CheckboxCode & demo

Minimal checkbox with fewer styles.

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