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7 CSS Carousels

Looking for a simple carousel which builds with pure CSS? awesome we have curated a list of 9 pure CSS carousels.

CSS Vertical Carousel

A responsive Infinitely rotating vertical carousel animation. used CSS only.

Infinite Autoplay Carousel

Useful for startup landing pages where you need to display brand partners and other cool logos or whatever. It’s also responsive as well.

Pure CSS Carousels

By far the best available CSS carousel. Works like a native JS carousel, but built with pure css.

Horizontal Carousel

A simple horizontal carousel, Supports all modern browsers. Unfortunately, you can not click or drag this carousel.

Carousel with Thumbnails

Responsive carousel with clickable thumbnails which mean you can navigate the carousel by clicking the thumbnails.

CSS-Tricks Card Carousel

Not a responsive carousel but works on all modern web browsers.

CSS Carousel with Keyboard Controls

A horizontal, responsive full-screen carousel with keyboard controls.