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30+ HTML CSS Tabs

Making tabs with using jQurey or JS would be pretty easy, But making pure CSS tabs would give you some headaches. In this post, we have collected 30+ cool tab snippets for you. It includes verticle and horizontal tab layouts as well as material and flat design styles.

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PureCSS Tabs

PureCSS-TabsGet the code

Pure CSS Tabs With Indicator

Pure CSS Tabs With IndicatorGet the code

Modern Tabs Design with pure CSS

Modern Tabs Design with pure CSSGet the code

Pure CSS Tabs

Pure CSS TabsGet the code

Pure CSS tabs

Pure CSS tabsGet the code

Pure CSS Tabs

Pure CSS TabsGet the code

Sexy Tabs

Sexy TabsGet the code

Hulu settings Tabs

Hulu settingsGet the code

Elastic Tabs

tabs elasticGet the code

Icon Tabs

Icon TabsGet the code

Tab switch animation

Tab switch animationGet the code

Responsive CSS Tabs

Responsive CSS TabsGet the code

Scroll for Tabs

Scroll for TabsGet the code

Toggle switch style tab

Toggle switch style tabGet the code

Verticle and Horizontal Tabs

Verticle and Horizontal TabsGet the code

Adaptive tabs

Adaptive tabsGet the code

Horizontal Tabs

Horizontal TabsGet the code

Verticle Tabs


Features tabs with click CSS-animation

Features tabs with click css-animationGet the code

Flying cards tabs

Flying cards tabsGet the code

Vertical tabs with Material design lite

Veritcal tabs with Material design liteGet the code

Flexbox Tabs

Flexbox TabsGet the code

Material Design CSS Only Tabs

Get the code

Material Top-Aligned Tabs

aterial Expanding Overlay - Top-Aligned TabsGet the code

Tabs Modal

Tabs ModalGet the code

Sticky Nav Tabs

Sticky Nav TabsGet the code

Simple Tabs Widget

Simple Tabs WidgetGet the code

Vertical Tabs: Smart & Responsive

Get the code

Pure CSS Tab Navigation

Pure CSS Tab NavigationGet the code

Multi Tab Widget

Multi Tab WidgetGet the code

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