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11 CSS Hexagons

Creating a Hexagon shaped button or image gallery? Awesome! Then these CSS hexagon code example/snippets can help you out get started with it or you can get inspired. Check out our hand-picked collection of CSS Hexagon and don’t forget to share.

Hexagonal Button

Hexagon plus ButtonCode & demo

Icon with the hexagonal button.

Pure CSS hexagon

Pure CSS hexagonCode & demo

Pure CSS Hexagon shape with hover animation.


Hexagonal-ButtonCode & demo

Experimenting hexagons in CSS3 and how to bring the motion to them.

Hexagonal Buttons

Hexagonal ButtonsCode & demo

A small set of hexagonal button grid.

CSS Hexagon grid

CSS Hexagon gridCode & demo

CSS Hexagon grid with animation flip on hover.

Responsive Hexagonal Grid

Responsive Hexagonal GridCode & demo

Fully responsive hexagon image gallery with hover sliding animation.

Auto hexagonal CSS Grid

auto hexagonal CSS GridCode & demo

This awesome image gallery comes with an awesome hover animation, when you hover over an image, the image will slide up and display the image text.

Hexagonal Grid

Hexagonal-Responsive-GridCode & demo

Responsive grid with hexagon image gallery, hovering on hexagon will fade the image and displays text content on top of it.

Hexagon shapes

Hexagon-shapesCode & demo

An example of how clipping paths can create beautiful geometric shapes.

Hexagon Loader

hexagon loaderCode & demo

 Hexagon shaped loader with rotating animation.

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