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10+ Vanilla Javascript & CSS Calendar Code Snippets

Calendars are important in daily life. In the web, calendars are mostly used on booking and event websites. Calendars in booking website play a very important role. If the calendar is not that UX/UI friendly, users may not place their bookings with them. That’s how important calendars are on the web.

Creating a calendar using HTML and CSS  is a bit tricky and can give you some headaches. So in this post, we have curated a list of vanilla Javascript calendars and some pure CSS calendar designs to give you a headstart.

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Infinite Calendar

Infinite CalendarDemo & code

Interactive calendar created using vanilla javascript and CSS. Can see nice animations when changing months.

Dynamically generated calendar

Dynamically generated calendarDemo & code

Dark UI calendar created using vanilla JS and minimal use of the code. Dynamically generated the calendar dates with javascript.

Minimalist calendar

Minimalist calendarDemo & code

Interactive calendar with dynamic dates. the calendar is generated using vanilla js and no need to load jQuery.

Clean Calendar

Clean CalendarDemo & code

2 Collom simple and minimally designed calendar UI made with pure CSS.

Vanilla JS Calendar

Vanilla JS CalendarDemo & code

Dark UI calendar designed using vanilla JS and CSS.  Nice animation effects can be seen when changing months. Dynamic calendar generated using JS.

Simple Calendar with JSON events

Simple Calendar with json eventsDemo & code

Calendar UI created with vanilla JS and CSS. Supports JSON requests as well.

Vanilla JS calendar

Vanilla JS calendar / starting by MondayDemo & code

Used vanila js and whole calander ui genaratad by Javascript.

Round Calendar

Round CalendarDemo & code

Minimal design calendar with no use of JS. Simple CSS and fontAwesome has been used.

CSS grid calendar

CSS grid calendarDemo & code

Grid calendar with pure CSS and HTML. Best for project management and events.

Minimal Calendar

CalendarDemo & code

Simple calendar design with pure CSS and HTML.

CSS-only Colorful Calendar

CSS-only Colorful Calendar ConceptDemo & Code

Click on the arrows (when enabled) and the highlighted date to see the effect.
You can also go back in your browser to navigate between scenes or click the left arrow in the schedule view. Works in all modern browsers.


CalendarDemo & code

On the left side the date with current events and on the left side the calendar with current day highlight.

Pure CSS Calendar

Calendar cssDemo & code

Pure CSS & HTML calendar with tables and minimal use of CSS.

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