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Top 10 Most Common Questions of New WordPress Users

It takes for granted that WordPress has grown to become the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the last few years. It is also regarded as one of the friendliest and simplest for the creation of a platform or website. However, there are still a large number of new users who are not really familiar with this blog platform. Their questions may be related to the use of plugins, configuration, features, or links to social networks. In this article, We’re gonna answer to the top 10 most common questions for the beginners of WordPress. Let’s take a look at answers below to quickly find answers to similar questions (if any).

1. What is the difference between and

One of the most common questions is the main difference between the two platforms is the hosting servers to store your WordPress blog or website. blogs are hosted on the main WordPress server; meanwhile, blogs are hosted on your own web server. Besides, is often used by people who start to build a new blog/website.

2. Could we not find the Plugins menu in the Dashboard?

Many users cannot find the Plugins menu in the Dashboard even when they are logged on as administrator. In this case, there are some reasons to explain this problem. One of the most common reasons is that you are using the free platform. It does not allow you to install any plugin. If you want to install plugins to add features as desired, you should choose WordPress self-hosted (or

3. What should we do if the website suddenly displays the white screen?

Do not worry! This only occurs when you paste some code in inconsistent formats; manually change the file’s plugins, themes or make the mistakes of removing/adding some code. So, through FTP and cPanel login, you can completely edit the files and restore your WordPress blog back to normal state.

4. Can I install WordPress on my computer?

The answer to this very popular question is “yes”, but only for testing purposes. It does not require any public domain. You can check the errors, the compatibility of themes, plugins and all other development projects.

5. Facing problems after upgrading WordPress?

This problem arises because in the newer version of WordPress, the administration interface will be neat and clean compared to the previous version. So, if you cannot find the Custom Field, you can access the Screen Options tab in the upper right of the screen.

6. Most common questions: your website load slowly?

Many users often find problems related to their WordPress sites which load slowly and this may be due to the plugins they have installed or theme they are using. Therefore, you should check both whether they are compatible with the current version of WordPress or not? The unnecessary plugins will be deactivated and removed. Additionally, you can also try to use the plugin to create the cache, W3 Total Cache, for example, or plugins for optimizing the image. This will certainly help the speed up to load your WordPress blog / your website a lot.

7. Keep tracking access statistics?

Check access statistics is one of the important things to know how your traffic blog/website changes. To do this, you should definitely install the Google Analytics plugin. However, with the new version of WordPress, you can use the Jetpack plugin to get detailed information on traffic within your control panel.

8. Establish subscribe via email and create contact forms?

You can use FeedBurner or MailChimp to automatically send new articles to the readers, but MailChimp is used more popularly thanks to the many flexible options. After creating a blog, almost everyone wants to add a contact form to have an interaction with their users. Right now, you can do it with free plugins available – Contact Form 7.

9. Do you face problems in integrating Facebook into a blog?

Frankly speaking, this issue is not entirely due to WordPress because Facebook Script sometimes cannot work correctly your WordPress site. However, you can use the plugins, such as Simple Facebook Connect to simply and quickly integrate Facebook into a blog.

10. How can we change the layout of the site?

Basically, you need to have some technical knowledge related to CSS and HTML to manually change the layout of your WordPress site by accessing Appearance => Editor. However, at present, most of the framework themes have built-in many different layouts, allowing you to select and change quickly with just a few clicks.

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