Figma Bootstrap 4 GUI Components [Free]

Preview     Download Free Bootstrap 4 UI kit for Figma. This UI kit includes Buttons, Navbars, Forms, Inputs and most of the bootstrap components which helps you to design. Feel free to use it on personal or commercial projects and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Enjoy 😎. You may also […]

Adobe XD Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Download A free Adobe XD UI kit based on the popular frontend framework Bootstrap 4, Including all the components. With using this UI kit design your bootstrap based sites easily. So no need to reinvent the wheel by creating them from scratch. You may also like: Bootstrap Grid Template

Adobe XD Bootstrap 4 Grid Template

At the moment XD doesn’t have to feature to create layout grids. So we had created this freebie including grids for all 4 screen sizes. Download To remove gutter divider guides, Hide the Grid layer. So you won’t see the lines. Use these shortcuts to hide/show the layout grid. Cmd+Shift+’ (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+’ (Windows).

Unsubscribe Emoji Animation

Code & demo An interactive unsubscription confirmation page with animated emojis. When you hover over “Unsubscribe” or “Cancel” buttons it changes the moods of the emoji. Created with pure CSS and HTML no use of JS or jQuery. You may also like: Bootstrap 4 Login Form Template

Minimal HTML & CSS Resume Template freebie

Demo   Download This awesome resume freebie was designed by Nicolas Meuzard. Focusing on achievements, and skills. You can check his dribble shot to download the design file of this resume, and don’t forget to like the shot. We have converted this minimal resume template into responsive HTML & CSS template using “Lato” as the base font. […]