14 CSS Submit Buttons

Submit buttons are very important in forms but most forms submit buttons are just simple buttons, no more than simple hover effects. So in this post, you can see a creative set of buttons which are very interactive. When a user clicks on the submit button, the button will make animations, which are really cool. You […]

26 Javascript, HTML & CSS Carousels

Free collection of HTML & CSS carousels snippets, including cards to full page styles. You may also like: 15 Pure CSS Image Sliders/Carousel FlexBox Image carousel Code & demo double exposure carousel slider Code & demo Double exposure is a photographic technique that combines 2 different images into a single image. Used that technique with canvas […]

17 CSS 3D Buttons

A collection of CSS 3d button snippets including many styles and hover animations. Feel free to use them on your work and don’t forget to share it with friends and family. You may also like: 14 CSS Submit Buttons 3D Button Rotate on Hover Code & demo 3D Button Code & demo 3d Button Code & demo […]

16 Pure CSS checkbox

You can easily create checkbox by adding the type of input element to “checkbox”, but the customizing checkbox is using just CSS is a pain. If you stick with the default options, they look different on different browsers, and they won’t look that great. So in this article, we have collected 16 awesome pure CSS checkbox designs […]

15+ Pure HTML & CSS Star Ratings

Start ratings come in handy for websites with products and service websites. With five stars being the highest quality and one for the lowest. That helps the user or customers to get a rough idea of the quality of the product/service. Anyway, for developers, we have collected 15+ star rating snippets. Including SVG, Unicode, and FontAwesome icons […]

30+ HTML CSS Tabs

Making tabs with using jQurey or JS would be pretty easy, But making pure CSS tabs would give you some headaches. In this post, we have collected 30+ cool tab snippets for you. It includes verticle and horizontal tab layouts as well as material and flat design styles. You may also like: 15+ Pure HTML CSS Star […]

10+ Simple HTML & CSS Subscribe Forms

Looking for a simple Subscribe form for your website? Great! In this post we have handpicked simple and pure html/css Subscribe forms for you. All you have to do is, place the HTML tags into your site and add the styles to your main css file. Pop-Up overlay with subscribe form Code Minimal Subscribe Form Code Simple Subscribe Code […]

20+ Awesome HTML/CSS Contact Forms

Looking for a contact form for your website? Creating a contact form from scratch is a bit time-consuming and it sure gives you some headache. Here we have collected 20+ Contact forms for you. With some tweaking, you can create contact forms the way you want. You may also like: 20+ Creative Login/Signup HTML CSS Forms Rocket […]

10 Creative Anime.js Examples

Anime.js is a lightweight javascript animation engine which supports all modern browsers. With a couple of Anime.js code and help of CSS or SVG, you can create beautiful animations. In this post, we have collected a list of creative and smooth Anime.js examples like buttons, forms, scaling elements, and SVG animations. You may also like: Best CSS Animation Libraries Elastic […]